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The HOUSING AUTHORITY is a great place to find all the tips and information you need to build and design a family home. The articles are designed to inform and educate families about building suitable modern homes.

Parents can learn about settling their newborn children into a comfortable room. Find out when babies can sleep and stay in their own rooms. It is best to let babies sleep in the parent’s bedroom before the age of 6 months. However, toddlers and babies who have their own rooms normally enjoy better sleep quality.

Room design ideas that will leave your children feeling more comfortable and well-rested. Take tips from pediatric sleep experts to design your baby’s nursery. It is easier for babies to cope with sleep regression if they have a fixed bedtime routine. Make sure that the health and safety of your baby come first.

Check out these extraordinary room design ideas to help you build your family home. Find out all about designing bedroom spaces, reading spaces, game zones, and an open plan kitchen. Make sure that your walls are covered in family pictures and unique design elements. Laid-back materials and furniture will help to make your home cozier.

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Discover the fascinating history of home design in the United States. Learn how the average size of homes in the US gradually increased, from bungalows that were barely 1000 square feet in the 18th century to houses with motor homes that exceeded 2000 square feet. Find out why homes may just be too expensive for millennials to afford today.

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